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All UK businesses are required to complete a Covid-19 risk assessment

CovidGo! is your quick

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The CovidGo! Certification Package includes

Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment


Window Sticker & Website Badge








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CovidGO! risk assessment for every British business

Meets the first step in UK government Covid-19 Secure guidelines

The New Normal

This pandemic forever changes how we live and work. As with SARS and H1N1, there may never be a vaccine for Covid-19 – therefore, the social and business implications are massive. 

Looking ahead, there will be more viruses and pandemics. It’s both wise and imperative for businesses to build resilience in the long term to protect their business, staff, customers and suppliers.


Once you’ve completed your Covid-19 risk assessment you’ll receive your certificate.

You’ve now taken the first step to:

Assure Your Business

Assure Your Staff

Assure Your Customers

Assure Your Suppliers

The quick and easy online way to do it

Reboot British business

Rebuild economic resilience

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20% saving on multiple businesses

After your first certificate, additional certificates are just £39.99+VAT

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